Re-Open a Skating Rink

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When I was a kid, and my childhood friends, were growing up we use to have a Skating Rink here in town. Every weekend we were excited to go roller skating, to hang out with our friends, and to have a good time. Especially the games we played while we were there. This was one thing that kept all of us from getting in to trouble.

I see this new generation of children now, and all they have around here, is violence amungst each other, drugs, chaos, and bullying one another. It's not right for kids to be doing this. In my generation, we had a lot of fun things to do around here. Is was all about sticking together, help each other out, and have a good time with our family and friends.

My reason for this petition, is to bring something back from the past that has excitement. Something the kids can look forward to every weekend with their friends and/or family. A skating rink would bring the crime rate down dramatically. Less drug use, less bullying, and less time for kids to be looking for trouble, when it's not needed.

The name I have picked out for the skating rink is, "The Tree City Roller Rink". I am hoping that this petition will motivate people, friends, family, siblings, etc. etc. to come together and create something great for this small town of Greensburg that everyone calls home. 

This also will help with kids, that stay inside all the time, to get out and interact with one another and forget the electronics, and social media, or he said she said. This should be a place of peace and harmony for one another and to create memories with the people they are close with.

We need to come together and start a Fund Raiser to be able to create such a thing. And have a blast from the past come to the present and show kids what fun is all about. 

Thank you for your time on reading this and hopefully we can get as many votes as possible to jump start this fun adventure.

If you have any questions, you can contact me through Facebook. My name on there is (Tyler Ty Ty Cavazos) Ilive in Greensburg, IN


             Tyler J Ratcliff