Stop Impark from robbing its customers.

Stop Impark from robbing its customers.

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Privately owned parking facilities around Canada make billions of dollars off their customers. Not just by making people pay to park on their lots but also ticketing them at a rate 3 times greater then the daily rate to park, with an increase to 4 times greater if not paid within a 7 day period. The terms and rules of their lots make it impossible to park on a regular basis without receiving a ticket or multiple tickets. The grace period they provide is 10 minutes from parking to paying, which in a lot of cases is just enough time for the parking enforcement to plaster a ticket on the drivers window. The platform that is used widely to pay for parking is an app that is downloaded onto your phone, while this seems convenient the app malfunctions on a regular basis making it difficult to use and resulting in, yet again another ticket. There is even cases of the meter people not having updated information from the app and people receiving tickets although they have already paid for parking, while in some cases the ticket will be disputed, this leaves a blemish on your plate record that impark will use against you in the future if you wish to dispute a ticket. The communication between the app used to pay and the parking meter people is so poor that the parking meter people will sometimes issue a ticket and then realize it is a mistake and remove the ticket from your vehicle without you ever having knowledge the ticket existed, this information is then added to your plate record and again used against you for any future disputes of a ticket. 

According to my plate record which was emailed to me.  I have 26 parking violations, the majority of these violations I am unaware have even taken place, and the others due to the parking meter people giving me a ticket before realizing I had already paid. I have paid 10 violations equaling close to $400.00 which were  mostly due to late payment or app malfunction, and because of my 26 violations my grace period has been reduced to nothing and furthermore they will also not reimburse the daily rate after I’ve paid for parking on top of the ticket received. The total cost for a ticket and daily rate is a staggering $69.00 and increases $89.00 after 7 days. That is almost $100.00 for one day parking.

Although I want to say “Ban all privately owned property from making drivers pay to park!” the solution can be a lot more simple than that. 

1)Impark:Reduce the violation fees to be equal or close to the daily rate of parking. 

2)Impark:Give a greater grace period between parking and paying. 

3)Impark:Revise the rules and regulations of Impark lots to be easily understood and followed.

4)Impark:Improve the platform of payment. If your going to provide an app, make sure it works properly for customers and for impark staff to have updated information. 

5)Impark:Do not include Impark errors on customer plate records. 

6)Impark:Provide better customer service and understanding for ticket disputes. 

7)Our government: needs to do a better job at protecting consumers from big corporations that make their money off of taking advantage of their customers. 


If Impark truly cared about the quality of its service rather than the bottom dollar then these suggestions would have already been in place.

I have written a formal complaint and made multiple phone calls to their corporate office with no response. 

I need help and support to let Impark know that it is not okay to take advantage of its customers through unfair and unjust business practices and we need the government to put better policies in place to protect consumers from big corporations taking advantage of its customers. 






0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!