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FBI denying release of information about Hillary Clinton saying not enough public support

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NOBODY is above the Law and the FBI is to investigate and charge anybody who commits unlawful acts. FBI Section Chief of Records Management Division David M. Hardy told New York Attorney Ty Clevenger (concerning his Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA) request of records and files on Hillary Clinton) that the bureau has "determined you have not sufficiently demonstrate that the public's interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject," and "you must show that the public interest sought is a significant one."

  There is evidence that Hillary Clinton has knowledge of and or has broken several laws, possibly including pedophilia, murder, fraud, collusion, money laundering, other criminal behaviour and Treason against the United States Government, its employees and it's Citizens. The FBI is withholding files and information on Hillary Clinton that will prove Hillary Clinton's collusion with criminal activity, US government Officials and other country governments. This behavior puts the United States, It's Allies and ALL its Citizens at risk. The FBI NEEDS to follow the Law and proved the files and information requested by anybody under FOIA. The Public wants to know! Are we safe if the FBI chooses which major criminals should be charged and covering up evidence of other criminals activities. 

WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND ALL INFORMATION AND FILES CONCERNING HILLARY CLINTON AND HER EMAILS BE GIVEN TO ANYBODY WHO ASKS INCLUDING NEW YORK ATTORNEY TY CLEVENGER. In turning over this information will protect the United States, It's Citizens and the world if major criminal activities are proven or protect Hillary Clinton from falsified information! Please sign this petition to protect the the United States, It's Constitution and We the People, otherwise how far and how many more possible crimes will follow PROTECTED BY THE FBI?

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