Allow the Free Use of Meal Swipes

Allow the Free Use of Meal Swipes

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The Issue:

The vast majority of students will have a surplus of meal-swipes at the end of the semester that they paid for. These meal swipes are non-transferable, unable to be used on friends, and cannot be spent anywhere but the main caf. This means that the bulk of students will have spent a huge sum of money on Meal Swipes that are completely unusable. This is wrong.


In a survey of 100 students, 85% of which expect to have swipes remaining at the end of the semester, averaging 36 swipes per person. The average cost per meal across all meal plans is approximately $11.36. This means that each student on average will lose over $400 for goods they cannot receive. This equals a shocking total loss of $40,896, accounting only for 100 students who partook in the survey. Imagine the total loss across the entire student body. Where is our money going?


We are perfectly aware that it was announced by Student Life that the Meal Swipes were not going to be opened for the use of friends. We are not suggesting that these remaining swipes be refunded. We are advocating for the free use of Meal Swipes since they are Meal Swipes us students paid for. In previous years, students were completely free to do as they wished with their Meal Plans, ie, purchase food for friends, make purchases outside the main caf, etc. Now, students are under a system which puts them at a serious disadvantage. Putting restrictions on what students can do with their Meal Swipes is the same as putting restrictions on what students can do with their money. It is completely unfair. 

Possible Solutions:

  • Conversion of Swipes into Flex Dollars
  • Allow the Use of Swipes to purchase Items Outside the Main Caf (LC, Cafe, The Cog, etc.)
  • Allow the sharing of Meal Swipes With Friends
  • Carryover Meal Swipes to Following Semesters (though this would only postpone the issue)


This is the first year that this Meal Swipe system has been implemented. There are bound to be issues during the first year of implementing any new system. As such, Student Life must recognize the glaring flaws of this system and rectify them before the semester ends.

To ignore and leave such a pressing issue unaddressed would be negligent to all students affected. There needs to some form of dialogue between the student body, Sodexo, and Student Life to set the record straight. We request an open discussion in which the needs and concerns of the student body pertaining to the Meal Swipes issue can be discussed with civility and complete transparency.  

Furthermore, whether this current issue is the fault of Student Life or Sodexo is irrelevant to this cause. It is the duty of Student Life to see that the collective voice of the student body is heard and addressed. By forming this petition, we are calling for proper representation of the students, as is the duty of Student Life. 

The intent of this petition is not to demean Student Life, Trinity Western, Sodexo, or any other university body. The aim is simply to raise awareness for a massive problem and find a mutually beneficial solution as soon as possible.