Twp schools need to stop assigning summer homework nonsense!

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When the reason is because I said so or because everyone else is doing know there is no real reason!

For years, parents have sat by allowing the Washington Township school district assign packets and packets of summer homework. 

The district leaves our children with the mountains of work with no one to turn to with questions or guidance.  

Then when the school year begins, the homework is due.  And even if the assignment took hours upon hours to complete, the student receives a checkmark for completion!  Is it really worth it?

Does the summer homework destroy your summer?  Cause family fights? Lead to stress and frustration for you and your child?  Force you to pack papers, computers, pencils, pens for your family vacations?  

Do you come home from work on a beautiful summer night, only to be chained to the kitchen table doing math problems with your child?  

Is your child missing out on trips to parks, museums, historical sites?  Is your child enjoying the sunshine from behind the screen of a computer working on science questions?  

Would your child be interested in having a part time job, visiting colleges or preparing for college acceptance, but instead is clicking away on a scientific calculator?  Would your child like to join an exchange program overseas or head out to a camp for the summer, but cannot because of all the work?

Was your child so overworked during the school year, that a break is just needed before health is at risk from stress! 

I have asked repeatedly for data, stats, articles, anything that can justify that summer homework is necessary.  And they have provided nothing.  Their reason is  because they say so and since everyone else is assigning summer homework.

Our district needs to know that summer homework is a burden not a way to enhance a student's education.  (I think they know it, but don't want to admit it).  Now is the time to let them know that we know it!!  We know that they have been assigning 200 math problems each summer and not checking to see if the answers are correct or not.  We know that essays are being written, but not being assessed.  We know that magnitudes of history and science questions are being asked and no one cares what the answers are.

Sign this petition!  And don't stop there!  Email the teachers, department heads, administrators, school board and superintendent.  They have the power to stop wasting the time of our children.  To stop overstepping boundaries and destroying the summers of the only childhood our children will ever have! 

Children have plenty to learn in the summer...Life lessons!  


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