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Two Rivers Housing Association: Stop the demolition of 7, Orchard Road, Lydney, Glos,

My grandmother and grandfather were the original tentants of this council house at
7, Orchard Road, Lydney, Glos, moving in during the late 1930's. They brought up 7 children in this house, mum being one of them. Mum is 75yrs old and has lived at 7, Orchard Road, Lydney, Glos for all of her life. This is the only home she has ever known, its not big, its not posh, but its her home. Its where her mum and dad lived, its where she and her siblings got married from, went to war from, where she gave birth to her 3 girls. The house and gardens are full of memories for all of us and hold a deep connection to mums and our past, these things becoming more important as we get older. Its where mum feels safe, content , secure, happy and it is surrounded by family, neighbours and friends. She doesnt want to leave this house and she should not be forced to move so that her home can be demolished allowing the housing association to build a development on her large garden.

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