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Two cats starved to death by middle school teacher. Take action by sending a letter today!

Congress Middle School teacher Allison Dinsmore is facing felony charges of animal cruelty for allegedly abandoning her two cats for weeks, leaving them to die horrible deaths by starvation in her apartment. Dinsmore reportedly cited her busy work schedule, long commute and a camping trip as reasons for her failure to see to the cats' needs (she had essentially moved out of the apartment and had been staying elsewhere). Seeking information as to unpaid rent, Dinsmore's property manager discovered the cats' bodies and notified authorities on February 23, 2009. The school district has since suspended her teaching duties - with pay - pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Send a polite letter to State Attorney Michael F. McAuliffe, thanking him for his work to date on the case and encouraging a strong and meaningful sentence upon conviction. A court date of May 15, 2009 is currently set; locals are encouraged to support the prosecution by attending court proceedings.

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