We want @ShayaRonnie out of Twitter

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@ShayaRonnie has been always an instigator of hate between the two main ship fandoms of the series The100. She starts fights, harrased the writter an author of the series; @JRothenbergTv and now she crossed the line.

She created a collage of Screen Shoots mean to be an internal  joke about the chemistry of the two main actors and some people liking them as a couple as a  weapon against the fandom.

She hurted the fandom but also  damaged the actor feelings, his relationship with his co-star, hurted the actor girlfriend and her  main goal, putting the actor against his fans. 

What can you expect from a  person that has been telling lies about sex harrasment about another writer without proof?.

Her final goal is the series been Cancelled.

Hundreds of unemployed people for her personal vendetta.

Her favorite character death 2  seasons ago.

Clexas, you canʼt possible want your ship attached to this toxic person, she's a Zionist and was expulsed from a gc for outing a girl  that wasn't ready. 

Bellarkes, this has been enough.


We want  this toxic person out  of twitter for a better environment to the whole fandom and ships

We  expect to get an understatament with Twitter once we reach  2000  signatures