Take down hashtag #GuatonesConHambre in Chile

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In the context of sanitary crisis and economic inequality, Chileans from areas with the lowest incomes have taken out to the streets demanding solutions from the government. Many have lost their jobs or informal income souces due to the pandemic, and claim they no longer have enough to pay for the basics, including groceries, utilities and rent. On May 18th, elderly citizens from the city of El Bosque were interviewed by journalists, and declared they have been getting by the last few days by going out and begging for spare change or food.

Later that day, the word "HUNGER" was projected over a building in downtown Santiago in support of the protesters.

In reaction to protests, government supporters created the Twitter hashtag #GuatonesConHambre ("Fat Hungry People") that has been Trending in Chile during the day. The hashtag mocks obese and overweight citizens that were shown on camera during protests, implying that their demands aren't justified because they have enough to eat. 

During the day, tweets with this hashtag have shown the worst of the unequal Chilean society, where a priviledged minority has openly and aggressively resorted to bullying, fatphobia, aporophobia, classism and violence. 

We ask Twitter to take down this hashtag as it is abusive, violent and insulting to a vast majority. 

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