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Terminate, the account @PlasticBeiber, @PlasticKimmy, or both.

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These twitter accounts are agitating, disturbing, and disrespecting people every day.
They makes crude jokes about celebs, and race. We find this incredibly rude. @PlasticBeiber's tweets are always bashing someone,especially the members of one direction, or extremely disturbing and explicit tweets. Most of the race-related tweets are about terrorism, incredibly rude black stereotypes, and white people being seemingly superior,are by @PlasticKimmy.

a few examples:

The Hills is my favorite show. there's no black people on it or sinful gays like on glee. only beautiful rich white people ;)

July,6, 2012
lol it was the highlight of the day! RT @PlasticKimmy: just threw an egg at a muslim lady and knocked the bed sheet off her head GOAL!!!!!

July, 14, 2012
Niall or Zayn? Um, how about neither. One is a leprechaun and the other is a terrorist!

I don't blame demi lovato for self harming. If I looked like her I'd cut myself too.


@OneDirection I'm so happy your stupid tour ended and u f###### can finally go back to your country an gtfo out of mine.

UGH, my mom is forcing me to spend time with my old ugly a## grandma whose visiting from hell, why cant she f******die already ‪#WasteOfTime‬

Native Americans are so ugly, im so happy we killed them an stole their land. that's their karma for being ugly.... an stupid

This has sparked outrage on social networking sites, such as Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr,and Twitter. This has also added to a mini-war between "Beliebers", and "Directioners." Fortunately, people have tried to make peace between to the two fanbases on social networking.

"Okay, Beliebers and Directioners are not that different. Actually, we are very similar. Directioners cherish 5 boys, Beliebers cherish one boy. Directioners follow five special boys on twitter, and beg for follows and at least a tweet, Beliebers follow one special boy on twitter, and beg for a follow or at least a tweet. Beliebers and Directioners are somewhat similar, and we should both respect the fact that we have different likes and dislikes, and just come together as one, because believe me, us directioners are not that different from you beliebers. (: ♥"

"I agree, PlasticBieber is not the best person, and she says rude and inappropriate things about the boys. Like, i don't understand what they have done to anybody here, accept just achive their dream. Plasticbieber does say rude things, but no one can stop her, but i think its best if she does stop, because it disappoints us directioners, because shes hating on our boys, who we have supported from the very beginning."

There are some groups that are also trying to get attention, to stop these hurtfukl tweets. But I think that this petition will be a better alternative to ragetweets, or little statusses that will stay hidden from the public eye.

I hope that you will sign this petition, not only if you're a directioner, or a belieber who is in shock of this atrocious behavior.

But because you can see right from wrong. Or if you've been a victim of a hurtful tweet, or a death threat. If you want to make what could be a change in society on social networking.
If you've been bullied by similar things in life.
Bullying behind a screen hurts just as much. It escalates. Pushes people to the edge, because their feeling of self-worth is clouded by countless insults that can,sometimes quite literally, push people over the edge.

I hope you will support this cause, and treat those as you would want to be treated.


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