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Twitter: Suspend Ajit Pai, Donald Trump, and FCC Accounts Until #NetNeutrality Guaranteed

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Trump-appointed FCC Chair Ajit Pai announced today on Twitter his proposal to roll back Net Neutrality regulations, which currently preserve open access to the Internet as we know it.  Net Neutrality helps preserve freedom of expression for all users, but Pai and Trump want to take away those freedoms, allowing large corporations to censor, control, and block our access to information.

We call on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other social media companies to temporarily suspend the accounts of Ajit Pai, Donald Trump, and the FCC until they revoke this proposal and pledge to uphold Net Neutrality in principle and policy.  Why should they be given a platform only to take away others' freedoms to speak, learn, and create?

Ironically, in July, several Republican Senators who oppose Net Neutrality sent Twitter a letter condemning the company for allegedly blocking anti-Net Neutrality links, calling it “an affront to free expression.”  (Twitter responded that it was an anti-spam error that was shortly corrected.)  We believe that revoking Net Neutrality is an exponentially larger affront to all of our freedoms, so let's use this tactic to our advantage: if politicians want to revoke our abilities to express ourselves, let's give them a taste of their own medicine.


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