For Twitter's Re-Evaluation of Support Policies For Ghost-Banning

Twitter makes your account unsearchable, or "ghost-banned" if you are reported for a number of things. One such thing might be if you are reported for spam, amongst others. During the course of Twitter's investigations, your tweets in social networking hours and using hashtags will not show up in the feed. This can be detrimental to you if you have a business account and rely on being "seen" in social networking hours and using hashtags which get your products retweeted.  At the present time, Twitter does not offer a solution, such as a support ticket for people who have been ghost-banned as they do for people whose accounts have been suspended, therefore your account could be left unsearchable for a very long time, as I have been for 10 months, making it so you lose revenue in your business for lack of being seen. What we request of Twitter by this petition is to provide legitimate, non-spamming people a way to contest their unsearchability  ie, by enabling them to put in a proper support ticket to Twitter when they find out they have been ghost-banned.

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