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Twitter is among the most visited social media websites online with a user base of over 300 million people profiles widewide. It's great for finding people and doing an internet social background check on people. With the way individuals essentially present their daily life on twitter and other social media sites a simple investigation into a person's profile can give you a very good idea of what the individual is about.

Twitter people search can be conducted online. One of the easier and quickest options is to use a 3rd party tool which scrapes twitter account details and gives a simple to use twitter search people finder database. Go to and get an instant people scan to see what information is available on just about anyone.

Having mentioned a 3rd party twitter people search tool. There's one resource that is likely to give you the closest outcomes after twitters very own database if you have time to play around online. That tool is Google. That's right you heard me right. Good old google is still the world wide web data scrape king by a long shot. You just need to know how to put it to use. So that is what were going to discuss on this twitter research guide.

As elementary as that search bar seems. Dont let it trick you it is just about the most robust tools on the market with no all the flare. However, you need to get more specific configuring your search through the use of things known as "google search operators".

The search operator we shall utilize for facebook is what this does is refine the search to only display results for particularly. Wrap quotes around each set of keywords as well as a + right after (look at examples below and try with and without quotes).

Lets us add the individuals first and last name + "Matt Weber"

Now let us add the individuals location + "Matt Weber" "dallas"

Now lets incorporate a high school or something different that may make the search much more appropriate such as place of business / university. + "Matt Weber" "dallas" "school"

What if you only possess a cellular phone number or a first name plus some random details like the college the person attended. The idea is similar and could be scaled once you understant exactly what I'm doing.

Telephone number setup would be + 214-670-5111