Let Us #EditTweets

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Countless Twitter users have expressed a desire to edit their tweets after sending them, which would enable the users to fix their tweets' mistakes without having to delete the tweets and write new ones. However, Twitter is yet to add this capability to its social media platform. So, if you want to show Twitter that we, its users, want to be able to #EditTweets, sign this petition and share it with our fellow Twitter users!

Should you especially want to be able to #EditTweets, feel free to protest the lack of this function on Twitter by intentionally tweeting with grammatical errors in addition to the hashtag "#EditTweets" and a link to this petition. Also feel free to reply with the same hashtag and link to others' tweets featuring mistakes that could easily be fixed with a quick edit.

This petition is advocating a method of editing tweets, which you may interchangeably call the #WarenoticeWay or the #MummaMethod, that you can learn more about in the embedded Warenotice video. Also, feel free to follow this petition's creator, Shane Mumma from the technology YouTube channel Warenotice, on Twitter at @Warenotice and @TheShaneMumma for updates on this petition to #EditTweets! If we all work together, Twitter's inability to #EditTweets may soon be a thing of the past!