Verify Bertiememes

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Verify @BertieMemes on 

Bertie memes has been one of the greatest accounts to ever grace twitter.  They help to build community, spread positivism, and bring tasteful comedy to our dull lives.  In a way, Bertiememes is one of the last things keeping the Thomas & Friends fandom tightly woven together.

however...This may not last.  Unfortunately, numerous copies have appeared on the site attempting to leach off of Bertiememes' success, not to mention their appropriation and disrespect of Lord Bertie's structure and mannerisms.  We would greatly like to help preserve Bertiememes by having this twitter account verified, therefor establishing their authenticity and dominance over the copycat accounts, and not to mention the honor that a verification would imply, that Bertiememes so deserves. 

Thank you


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