Unblock "#bisexual" and similar search terms

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As of the weekend of November 4th, 2017, Twitter's picture, video and news search now block #bisexual and related terms - even with safe search filters turned off.

Bisexual support is among the hardest to find for LGBT people - and many of the challenges that bisexual people face, including higher rates of mental and physical health problems and lower incomes than our gay and straight colleagues, stem from bisexual invisibility and bisexual erasure.  From information about local support organisations to enabling people to come out and keep a bi identity in a gay/straight world, twitter has been a source of help for bi people: this is a step backwards that makes that support that much harder to find, and increases the sense of isolation of people working out their own sexual orientation.

Blanking #bisexual searches is a move in the wrong direction on a platform which should be letting bisexual people, and those who are questioning their sexual orientation or want to learn more about bisexuality, find support and information.

Please drop the block on bi search terms on twitter, help #bisexual people and #endthebiban.

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