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Close off non-authenticated access to Twitter feeds

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The trolling problem is a MASSIVE issue on Twitter, in large part its due to the overly open access to the site without being authenticated. If a troll wants to keep stalking, they open an incognito/private window to stalk thus getting around a block, making blocking basically a useless feature on the site. This makes users feel powerless and will drive REAL users off the site. This cannot be a good thing for Twitter if real competition comes around (and will be). 

By and large access to to Twitter should require a login to access the vast majority of user profiles (not the case now). While the solution is not 100 percent perfect, it closes one of the biggest holes trolls/harassers use thus making blocking more effective (right now basically useless if they can get around them so easily) with the exception (or an optin/optout option for certain more public accounts). While the protected option exists, it is limiting in the kind of exposure and defeats the "social" media aspect of things. Partially closing off the site in the aforementioned manner is a middle ground as other measures can be taken to further mitigate the major trolling problem on the platform. Again making it optional for people to require authentication or not will go a long way to addressing the problem. This also can mitigate the fratting issues that trolls are exploiting to attack and suppress the speech of legitimate users who are within the rules, yet being attacked for their political/social views.

This one change can go a long way to addressing the massive bot/troll problems that are running Twitter into the ground and forcing so much scrutiny.

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