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Twitter Suspend Kathy Griffin

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On May 30th a picture circulated showing Kathy Griffin posing with a decapitated head of current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Millions of people, especially children, have viewed this disturbing image. 

Inspite of the negative reaction shared by millions of people, Kathy Griffin has vowed to continue to Bully the President of the United States and his family. 

Kathy Griffin is yet another celebrity spreading hate and inciting violence against POTUS. She hides behind her celebrity status and claim that it’s just entertainment, but her underlying motivation is Personal Hate towards POTUS.

Actions like these attract unstable people, copycats, and criminals. Kathy Griffin is indirectly motivating others to commit hateful and criminal acts.

Twitter already suspended Tila Tequila when she posted an image of her saluting Hitler.  Twitter should suspend Kathy Griffin as well for this heinous act. 

Prevent Kathy Griffin from using Twitter as a medium to spread her Hate and Violence.  Suspend Kathy Griffin from Twitter.

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