Twitter should ban the abusive word " KUFFAR " which means "Filthy Unbeliever"

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Why hasn’t Twitter flagged the Islamic derogatory term ‘kuffar’ (filthy unbelievers) as hate speech against all non-Muslim religious groups?

Social-media giant Twitter has been seeking to crack down on abusive and racist language. For instance, on Tuesday it hid a tweet by US President Donald Trump, labeling it “abusive behavior.” The tweet had said protesters might be met by “serious force.” This was considered abusive by Twitter. Yet, radical Muslims around the world repeatedly tweet the word “kuffar” with impunity as a term of abuse against those marked for genocide.

Usually used by Islamists and far-right religious extremists against minorities and those they disagree with, it was often used by ISIS members in 2014 as a term of abuse directed at those they marked for genocide, such as Yazidis, Shi’ite Muslims and Christian minorities in Iraq.