Twitter: Bring Back SMS Notifications!

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For nearly 15 years, Twitter has been at the helm of the social media world, serving as a driving force in keeping people around the world connected and informed. Led by CEO Jack Dorsey, the platform gave people of every demographic and in every community the tools they needed to utilize the technological masterpiece Twitter had grown to be.

Last week, Twitter removed the option for users to receive tweets via SMS text messages. Twitter via SMS has been a vital tool for thousands of users with no internet access to be able to tap into the Twitter-sphere, often serving as their sole connection to the wealth of information shared on Twitter. Removing the option for users to get tweets via text messaging will cut certain demographics and communities out of the Twitter experience.

I am a member of the Orthodox Jewish community. Many members of my community do not own smartphones or have internet access, and they rely heavily on Twitter's SMS notifications to keep them connected and informed. The latest decision by Twitter to remove SMS notifications is devastating to so many members of my community.

We therefore ask Twitter to please restore the SMS notification capability and give non-internet users access once again to everything Twitter has to offer.