Twitter社は言論弾圧をやめてください! No More Suppression of Free Speech by Twitter!

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   We, the signatories, claim the following to Twitter, Inc.:

- Undoing the suspension of two accounts @dgkec and @kudgk, those of Dougakukai (DGK), the Student Council of Kyoto University

   Your company has suspended the account of DGK (@kudgk) on 15 August, 2018.
    Its former account (@dgkec) has been suspended since May, 2018, the appeal against it not even having been answered yet.
    The accounts of DGK has been locked and suspended time after time because of alleged violation of image rights. The alleged victims, however, are public servants (officers of a national university) on duty, who have no image rights according to a precedent in Japan.
    Nowadays Twitter is one of the most important tools of exchanging information. It is impermissible that your company disturbs free and open-minded communication.

[This campaign is called out by the Executive Committee of Dougakukai, the Student Council of Kyoto University]