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To Twitter (World), Please transfer twitter India chief Raheel Khursheed out of India

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A country head of a social media portal should be neutral and should not  support or oppose any side of the views and opinions expressed by the users of that media. Of course, a control is necessary if some person posts any comment beyond the human and social dignity, freedom and beyond the rules laid out by the social media portal.

But here Mr. Raheel Khursheed , the Chief of Twitter India , indulges in unduly participating in , provoking the views and opinions of the users and instigates one on another. He should be just a neutral observer, editor and mentor. He also tweets in a controversy generating language on community sensitive issues.

From the day he has taken over Twitter India somewhere in 2013 or so, he has been indulging in this way. He had tweeted from his personal account that Mr. Modi is a murderer, when Modi was a PM designate candidate from NDA parties. He uncermoiniously blocks or deletes the accounts of prominent persons expressing views against his side of the group. There is not a single instance of doing it for the side of the group he favours. 

Hence to maintain the dignity of Twitter Inc, it is requested by the majority of sensible and non partisan Indians to transfer him away from India. In case Twitter Inc. not agreeing to do so, we, the Indians will be quitting Twitter India in mass.

Hoping that human values and business sense will prevail.

Affected Indians

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