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Twitter is suppose to be a platform for free speech, however lately they’ve only been giving that privilege to certain people. I see people discriminating against Muslims on a daily basis, and I report these people on a daily basis. However, Twitter repeatedly replies to these reports with emails claiming no violations have been made.

Last week I had my account suspended for replying to a tweet talking very negatively about the religion of Islam. The tweet suggested the religion was hateful and that it teaches racism and terrorism, and that it should be banned. This was a mild tweet in comparison to some I’ve seen. It was a Zionist /Zionists supporter who made this particular tweet. I responded to the message by saying if they are going to start banning religion that they should ban Judaism as well, because lately I’ve seen an awful lot of Zionists and Jewish people making hurtful and outrageous claims that all Muslims are evil and terroristic in nature. Twitter suspended my account for a day, starting my time only after I delete that tweet. I repealed the suspension and was denied. Twitter said I was inciting hateful rhetoric and discriminating against a religion, however they did not suspend the person discriminating against Muslims. I reported an account that says specifically in the description of oneself “Ban Islam, Ban Sharia Law”, and Twitter responded with an email saying this lady is not violating any rules. Why is it that certain people are allowed to say other religions should be banned, but some people are not allowed to make the same statements? Why does Twitter allow the descrimination of Islam, but not of Judaism? What is Twitter’s agenda? Are they choosing sides? Is Twitter blatantly censoring and silencing people who speak out against Zionism and the Israeli agenda? I think so.

I was suspended again this week for responding to another anti Muslim tweet Claiming that the Quran promotes murder of non Muslims. I quoted the Jewish Talmud, stating that it says a Jewish person can not be punished by law for murder of a non Jewish person, that the crime is only a sin against Heaven. Here is the quote, that I took straight from a Jewish website explaining the Talmud:

“When the victim is a Gentile, the position is quite different. A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a court.[1] To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all.[2]“

I tweeted this quote to show that the Jewish religion does in fact promote murder. I made the claim that most religions have similar sentiments towards other religions. My account was suspended for a week. Twitter claimed I was promoting violence and promoting hate towards a specific religion. I appealed this suspension as well, and was again told I violated rules of Twitter. So again I ask, what is Twitters agenda? What are they trying to tell people? Because it seems to me that they are inadvertently promoting and allowing hateful rhetoric against certain groups of religion, and punishing those of us that speak out against Zionism and their deliberate anti Muslim propaganda. 

Twitter, you need to decide: is it against your rules to speak negatively about ALL religions, or just Judaism?


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