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Suspend President Trump's personal Twitter account for the duration of his time in office.

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Before January 20th, 2017 Donald J. Trump's Twitter account was merely a hate-filled celebrity's collection of racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and all around offensive thoughts that the general public had the simple choice to follow or ignore. Upon his taking the seat of president of the United States, Donald Trump's Twitter ceased to be his personal voice and became an official news outlet for the White House and the U.S. government. These short-tempered, small-minded, uninformed rants pose a daily threat to the country's stability, the safety of all Americans, and are causing tensions to mount both at home and abroad. The people of the United States ask that Twitter immediately suspend Donald J. Trump's personal Twitter account until his presidency comes to an end and he is once again speaking for only himself. A Twitter handle has been held and maintained for the president by the White House staff, so we feel it is only fair to ask that his tweets be limited to that account. Due to said account's being overseen and approved by individuals who can guide and temper his outbursts, this seems not only logical, but also the right thing to do. Below are just a few examples of Mr. Trump's constant bullying and inciting of hatred towards others; all direct violations of Twitter's rules :

"Any accounts and related accounts engaging in the activities specified below may be temporarily locked and/or subject to permanent suspension.

Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others. Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:
-if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;
-if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;
-if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and
-if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.

President Obama "is the worst president in U.S. history!"
Bill Clinton "the WORST abuser of woman in U.S. political history"
Mitt Romney "one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics"
Mitt Romney's campaign "one of the worst races in presidential history"
John Kasich "one of the worst presidential candidates in history"
Marco Rubio "the worst voting record in the U.S. Senate in many years"
Ted Cruz "the worst liar"
George Pataki "one of the worst" governors
Bill deBlasio "the worst Mayor in the U.S."
Eric Schneiderman "nation's worst AG"
NY Times "one of the worst newspapers"
The media pile on (against Trump) "the worst in American political history!"
Charles Krauthammer "one of the worst and most boring political pundits on television"
Florida Power and Light "one of the worst utility companies in the country"
celebrity doctors "the worst doctors (by far)"
Our Q1 GDP "worst in memory"
Macys "one of the worst performing stocks on the S&P last year"
The Oscars "worst graphics and stage backdrop ever"
The Emmys "the absolute worst show"
Hollywood's 2013 year "the worst year ever for Hollywood"
The Super Bowl "the worst Super Bowl in history"
Denver's Super Bowl performance "may be the worst football game ever played by one team"
Our foreign policy "worst in U.S. history"
Our negotiators "the worst and dumbest"
NAFTA "the worst economic deal in U.S. history?"
Congressional Republicans "the worst negotiators in history"
ObamaCare "one of the worst political disasters of all time"
Trump's spot at CPAC "the worst spot at CPAC"
Penn Jillette's Vegas show "worst show in Las Vegas"
CNBC ratings "worst in many years"
Karl Rove’s ads "the worst in political history"
Karl Rove’s strategy and commercials "the worst I have ever seen"
Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearings "the worst I have ever witnessed"
Chuck Hagel's performance at hearings "the worst I have ever seen before a committee"
Alan Sugar "the worst kind of loser"
Rick Reilly "may be the worst reporter in all of sports"
Jeff Horwitz "one of the worst reporters in the business"
Richard Roeper ‏"one of the worst replacements in showbiz"
Graydon Carter's food "worst in town!"
30 For 30: Small Potatoes "one of the worst made and inaccurate documentaries I have ever seen"
Megyn Kelly "is the worst"
CNN "is the worst"

Obama has "no idea what he is doing - incompetent!"
Obama has "a horrible attitude - a man who is resigned to defeat"
Obama has "absolutely no control (or respect) over the African American community"
Obama has "done such a poor job as president, you won't see another black president for generations!"
Obama has "made one mistake after another for a very long time"
Obama has "no understanding of how to create jobs or opportunity"
Obama has "allowed America to be abused and kicked around"
Obama has "no problem lying to the American public"
Obama has "been horrible" for Christians
Obama has "been a total disaster"
Obama is a "terrible executive"
Obama is "truly a pathetic excuse of a president, can't get any worse"
Obama is "looking like an incompetent fool"
Obama is "a delusional failure"
Obama is "so inelegant and unpresidential"
Obama is "so stupid"
Obama is "so overwhelmed by what is happening in the U.S. and throughout the World"
Obama is "not a natural deal maker. Only makes bad deals!"
Obama is "A TOTAL incompetent!"
Obama is "perhaps the worst president in U.S. history!"
Obama is "perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!"
Obama is "living in a world of the make believe!"
Obama is "not a natural leader, was never ment (sic) to lead"
Obama is "just so bad!"
Obama is "an absolutely terrible president, maybe the worst in our history!"
Obama is "without question, the WORST EVER president"
Obama is "losing on so many fronts, in fact all fronts"
Obama is "giving Social Security & ObamaCare to illegals"
Obama is "giving a pathway to terrorists to enter our country. An attack is on him."
Obama is "the weakest POTUS against China"
Obama is "so fawning and desperate"
Obama is "not a leader, he's just a campaigner"
Obama is "the most overrated politician in US history"
Obama is "a racist"
Obama is "not who you think"
Obama wants "to change the name of the "White House" because it is highly discriminating"
Obama wants "to deny due process to the police. He’ll give all constitutional rights to the terrorists but not our cops"
Obama was "so pathetic in the first debate"
Obama was "never made or prepared for the job. Like it or not, he doesn't have "it""
Obama was "able to fool the Americans by getting elected"
Obama "doesn't have a clue...our country is a divided crime scene"
Obama "doesn't know what he is doing"
Obama "loves wasting our money"
Obama "is not capable of doing the job"
Obama should "be ashamed!"
Obama "you are a complete and total disaster"
Obama "what the hell is wrong with you?"
"It's almost like he's saying F-you to U.S. public"
"I predict he will now do something really bad and totally stupid to show manhood!"
"I am concerned he will do something totally irrational"
"Who thinks that President Obama is totally incompetent?"
"What the hell is wrong with this guy?"
"Is he stubborn or just plain incompetent"
"Is he stupid or arrogant?"
"Can you be that thick (stupid)?"
"How much can one man lie about even the most obvious things?"
"How totally stupid is this guy?"
"How the hell did he get into Columbia & Harvard?"
"Is he delusional?"
"Everything he touches turns to garbage"
"Everything he touches turns into a mess. Some people just don't have it"
"Obama our Welfare & Food Stamp President...He doesn't believe in work."

ABC's Cookie Roberts "so wrong for so long...lost all credibility...just another sad case" (11/29/2015)
ABC's Tom Llamas "cannot report the news truthfully...fraudulent story" (08/20/2015)
Anthony Baxter "bias and stupidity...clowns" (09/28/2014)
Arianna Huffington "ugly both inside and out" (04/20/2014)
Arianna Huffington "liberal losing @HuffingtonPost" (07/18/2015)
Arsenio Hall "very ungrateful...absolutely dying in the ratings" (04/03/2014)
Arsenio Hall "ratings were terrible...Apprentice brought him back from the dead, but he blew it" (06/02/2014)
Associated Press "shameful credibility" (09/26/2012)
Associated Press "totally lost its way...stories are fictional garbage" (11/21/2015)
Associated Press "extremely dishonest reporting" (11/23/2015)
Barry Diller "lost a fortune on Newsweek and Daily Beast...sad and pathetic figure" (10/10/2015)
BBC "no surprise that is in a major scandal for shoddy credibility" (11/12/2012)
Bill Kristol "small and slightly failing magazine" (07/23/2015)
Bill Kristol "dopey...lost all credibility with so many dumb statements" (10/26/2015)
Brian Williams "I have long stated that Brian Williams was not a very smart guy" (02/10/2015)
Brian Williams "not the nice guy that people think he is, has now become totally irrelevant" (02/10/2015)
Bryant Gumbel "one of the dumbest racists arrogant dope with no talent...failed at CBS" (08/20/2013)
BuzzFeed "true garbage with no credibility" (02/18/2014)
Buzzfeed "I wonder how much money dumb @BuzzFeed...loooose each credibility...totally irrelevant and sad!" (02/18/2014)
Buzzfeed's Ben Smith "is that really his last name?...a total mess" (02/18/2014)
Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins "failed and dishonest reporter...irrelevant buzzfeed" (02/15/2014)
Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins "third rate @BuzzFeed site & slimebag reporter" (02/18/2014)
Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins "sleazebag blogger...irrelevant @BuzzFeed" (02/19/2014)
Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins "very dumb reporter(blogger)...very inappropriate behavior while in Florida" (02/23/2014)
CBS's Major Garrett "covers me very agenda, bad reporter" (01/12/2016)
Charles Krauthammer "one of the worst and most boring political pundits on television...totally overrated clown" (06/04/2015)
Charles Krauthammer "dummy political pundit" (06/04/2015)
Charles Krauthammer "pretends to be a smart overrated clown" (06/04/2015)
Charles Krauthammer "dopey @krauthammer should be fired" (08/07/2015)
Charles Krauthammer "the hatred that clown @krauthammer has for me is unbelievable – causes him to lie" (08/07/2015)
Charles Krauthammer "biased...flunky" (01/29/2016)
Charlie Hebdo "magazine would have folded - no money, no success" (01/14/2015)
Cheri Jacobus "begged us for a job...we said no and she went hostile...a real dummy" (02/03/2016)
Cheri Jacobus "really dumb...begged my people for a job...major loser, zero credibility" (02/06/2016)
Chris Matthews "really dumb guy (and I know him well)" (03/19/2013)
Chris Matthews "he gets dumber each & every year--& started from a very low base" (04/16/2013)
Chris Matthews "lowest IQ on television" (04/16/2013)
Chris Matthews "ratings are at new historic lows...single-handedly destroying the entire @msnbc channel" (08/01/2013)
Chris Matthews "is he drinking again?" (08/01/2013)
Chris Wallace "the great Mike Wallace covered me in a much more professional manner than his son" (06/21/2015)
Chuck Todd "sleepy absolute joke of a reporter" (10/08/2012)
Chuck Todd "sleepy of the dumbest voices in politics" (08/09/2013)
Chuck Todd "sleepy eyes...ratings on Meet the Press are setting record lows..he's a real loser" (01/25/2015)
Chuck Todd "sleepy eyes...he bombed, franchise in ruins" (01/27/2015)
Chuck Todd "sleepy eyes @chucktodd will be fired like a dog from ratings starved Meet The Press" (07/12/2015)
Chuck Todd "isn't he pathetic? Love watching him fail" (07/12/2015)
Chuck Todd "getting terrible ratings...I saved his job, but Chuck still not nice" (12/06/2015)
Chuck Todd "so dishonest in his ratings" (12/25/2015)
Chuck Todd "sleepy eyes...he is do (sic) totally biased" (03/27/2016)
Chuck Todd "sleepy eyes...a man with so little touch for politics" (07/06/2016)
CNBC "ratings are really low, worst in many years" (08/29/2013)
CNBC "ratings are going down the tubes" (03/10/2014)
CNN "so totally one-sided and biased against me that it is becoming boring" (11/28/2015)
CNN "nothing but my opponents on their shows...really one-sided and unfair reporting" (03/29/2016)
CNN "so negative it is impossible to watch...terrible panel, angry haters" (04/20/2016)
CNN "very unprofessional...hurting in ratings - bad television" (05/14/2016)
CNN "so negative, getting even worse as I get closer...turning off" (05/21/2016)
CNN "Clinton News Network...getting more and more biased...act so indignant" (06/05/2016)
CNN "so biased against me...shows are predictable garbage...CNN and MSM is one big lie" (06/05/2016)
CNN "total distortion of my words and what I am saying" (06/13/2016)
CNN "totally biased in favor of Clinton" (06/23/2016)
CNN "Clinton News Network is losing all credibility. I’m not watching it much anymore" (06/23/2016)
CNN "all negative when it comes to me. I don't watch it anymore." (06/27/2016)
CNN "is all negative...guests are stacked for Crooked Hillary...I don't watch" (07/17/2016)
CNN "CNN is the Clinton News Network and people don't like" (07/17/2016)
CNN "is the worst...they go to their dumb, one-sided panels when a podium speaker is for Trump" (07/18/2016)
CNN "panels are so one sided, almost all against Trump...don't watch CNN" (07/24/2016)
CNN "a made up story by "low ratings" @CNN" (08/10/2016)
CNN "constant phony reporting from failing @CNN turns everyone off" (08/11/2016)
CNN "so disgusting in their bias" (09/03/2016)
CNN " on me is fiction...disgrace to the broadcasting industry...arm of the Clinton campaign." (09/09/2016)
CNN Politics "just plain dumb" (07/18/2015)
CNN's Alisyn Camerota "treats me very badly...a disaster" (01/21/2016)
CNN's Ana Navarro "no talent, no TV persona" (11/09/2015)
CNN's Don Lemon "lightweight - dumb as a rock" (08/10/2016)
CNN's Errol Louis "doesn't have a clue" (11/30/2015)
CNN's John King " hour of lies...few people are watching" (07/10/2016)
CNN's Martin Bashir "surprised to find out he is on TV...who knew?!" (01/09/2013)
CNN's S.E. Cupp "totally biased loser who doesn't have a clue" (12/09/2015)
David Axelrod "third rate book...stammering" (02/10/2015)
David Axelrod "the dog hit me even after I made a big contribution to his charity" (02/10/2015)
David Gregory "thrown off of TV by NBC, fired like a dog...being nasty to me...not nice" (03/30/2016)
David Letterman "so boring and poor performance at the Academy Awards a number of years ago" (02/22/2012)
Deadspin "total losers...bad complexions" (01/18/2013)
Des Moines Register "failing...ultra liberal paper that has no power in Iowa" (07/21/2015)
Des Moines Register "seriously failing Des Moines Register is BEGGING my team for press credentials" (07/25/2015)
Erick Erickson "major sleaze and buffoon" (08/08/2015)
Erick Erickson "total low life...dummy with no "it" factor" (10/08/2015)
Erick Erickson "fired like a dog...just doesn't have IT" (10/08/2015)
Erick Erickson "got fired like a dog from RedState" (03/18/2016)
ESPN's Rick Reilly "may be the worst reporter...he gets away with murder" (02/22/2012)
Esquire Magazine "dying (or dead)...lots of hatred...when will this boring magazine close?" (03/02/2013)
Fortune Magazine "few people know that @FortuneMagazine is still in business" (10/31/2015)
Fox News "not fair!" (12/15/2015)
Fox News "pathetic attempt by @foxnews to try and build up ratings...without me they'd have no ratings" (01/26/2016)
Fox News "statement put out yesterday by @FoxNews was a disgrace to good broadcasting and journalism...nasty & dumb " (01/27/2016)
Fox News "only puts negative people on...biased - a total joke" (02/14/2016)
Fox News "so biased it is disgusting...they do not want Trump to win...all negative" (02/17/2016)
Fox News "totally biased and disgusting reporting" (03/10/2016)
Fox News' Chris Stirewalt "one of the dumbest political pundits on television...dope" (11/06/2015)
Frank Luntz "works really hard but is a guy who just doesn't have it - a total loser" (08/03/2014)
Frank Luntz "your so-called "focus groups" are a total are a clown" (08/07/2015)
Frank Luntz "low class slob who came to my office looking for consulting work and I had zero interest" (08/07/2015)
Frank Luntz "total clown...has zero credibility" (01/16/2016)
George Will "most overrated political pundit...take away his little round glasses and his greasy hair style and he is just another dummy" (03/05/2012)
George Will "political moron...last month he said Romney couldn't win" (10/09/2012)
George Will "perhaps the most boring political pundit on thrown off ABC like a dog" (04/17/2015)
George Will "goofy...boring & often wrong...a total dope" (06/19/2015)
George Will "one of the most overrated political pundits (who lost his way long ago)" (06/26/2016)
Glenn Beck "wacky...always seems to be crying...a real nut job" (10/08/2015)
Glenn Beck "viewers & ratings are way down & he has become irrelevant" (10/08/2015)
Glenn Beck "failing host...mental basketcase" (10/29/2015)
Glenn Beck "got fired like a dog by #Fox...he is irrelevant" (12/16/2015)
Glenn Beck "wacko...a failing, crying, lost soul" (01/21/2016)
Glenn Beck "irrelevant...refused to do his failing show...very few listeners" (01/23/2016)
Glenn Beck "crying @GlennBeck...dumb as a rock" (01/24/2016)
GQ Magazine " longer relevant—won’t be around long!" (12/02/2013)
Harry Hurt "dummy dope...wrote a failed book about me" (07/29/2015)
Huffington Post "such a loser--it will die just as AOL is dying" (08/16/2012)
Huffington Post " much false junk about me...BE CAREFUL" (08/12/2013)
Huffington Post "a total joke & laughing stock of journalism, as is gross Arianna Huffington" (02/24/2015)
Huffington Post "dishonest...neither has much money - sue them and put them out of business" (04/06/2015)
Hugh Hewitt "very low ratings radio host" (09/05/2015)
Hugh Hewitt "very low ratings...just a 3rd rate "gotcha" guy" (09/05/2015)
Jeff Zucker "failed @NBC and he is now failing @CNN" (09/09/2016)
Joe Scarborough "not much power or insight" (05/06/2016)
John Oliver "very boring and low rated show" (10/31/2015)
Jon Stewart "dopey...phony last name" (05/30/2015)
Jon Stewart "most overrated joke on television...wiseguy with no talent...not smart, but convinces dopes he is" (05/30/2015)
Jon Stewart "a joke, not very bright and totally overrated...dumb clown humor" (05/30/2015)
Jon Stewart "dummy...a bad filmmaker...last effort was a real bomb" (05/31/2015)
Juan Williams "you ran over like a child and wanted a picture" (07/03/2015)
Katie Couric "third rate reporter...who has been largely forgotten" (05/31/2016)
Meet the Press "1 hour hit job on me today – totally biased and mostly false...dishonest media" (03/06/2016)
Meet the Press "totally biased against me" (07/03/2016)
Meghan McCain "terrible on @TheFive yesterday...angry and obnoxious...she will never make it on T.V." (09/05/2015)
Megyn Kelly "really bombed tonight...funny to watch" (08/07/2015)
Megyn Kelly "must have had a terrible vacation, she is really off her game" (08/24/2015)
Megyn Kelly "lightweight...highly overrated" (09/22/2015)
Megyn Kelly "too bad dopey @megynkelly lies" (12/15/2015)
Megyn Kelly "most overrated anchor at @FoxNews" (12/15/2015)
Megyn Kelly "very bad at math" (12/15/2015)
Megyn Kelly "she is so average in every way, who the hell wants to woo her" (01/11/2016)
Megyn Kelly "conflict of interest and bias...should not be allowed to be a moderator of the next debate" (01/23/2016)
Megyn Kelly "I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo...I will only call her a lightweight reporter" (01/27/2016)
Megyn Kelly "without me her ratings would tank...get a life Megyn" (02/17/2016)
Megyn Kelly "can't watch Crazy Megyn anymore" (03/16/2016)
Megyn Kelly "Crazy @megynkelly is unwatchable" (03/16/2016)
Megyn Kelly "highly overrated & crazy...always complaining about Trump" (03/17/2016)
Megyn Kelly "boycott the @megynkelly show...she is sick, & the most overrated person on tv" (03/18/2016)
Megyn Kelly "if crazy @megynkelly didn't cover me so much on her terrible show, her ratings would totally tank." (03/19/2016)
Megyn Kelly "highly overrated anchor" (03/20/2016)
Megyn Kelly "terrible show...totally misrepresents my words and positions! BAD" (04/02/2016)
Michael Smerconish "he has got nothing going...can't believe that @CNN would waste time and money" (04/04/2014)
Michelle Malkin "she is a dummy--just look at her past" (10/25/2012)
Mika Brzezinski "off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess" (08/22/2016)
Mika Brzezinski "crazy @morningmika...@pastormarkburns was attacked viciously and unfairly" (08/26/2016)
Mika Brzezinski "crazy and very dumb @morningmika had a mental breakdown while talking about me" (09/02/2016)
Morning Joe "rapidly fading" (05/06/2016)
Morning Joe "really hostile ever since I said I won't do or watch the show anymore" (05/09/2016)
Morning Joe "small audience, low ratings...I hear Mika has gone wild with hate" (06/03/2016)
Morning Joe "nobody is watching...gone off the deep end - bad ratings" (06/08/2016)
Morning Joe "weakness is its low ratings...I don't watch anymore...sad & irrelevant" (08/10/2016)
Morning Joe "I'll tell the real story of @JoeNBC and his very insecure long-time girlfriend, @morningmika" (08/22/2016)
MSNBC "network that few watch and is very negative" (12/12/2011)
MSNBC "dead last, in the gutter, in their Boston bombing coverage" (04/22/2013)
MSNBC "ratings have sunk even lower in time down 50%" (08/29/2013)
MSNBC's Ed Schultz "truly a guy who shouldn't be on tv" (03/14/2013)
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell "dumbest political commentator on loser--a face made for radio!" (02/03/2012)
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell "poor man's left wing @oreillyfactor(with no ratings)!" (04/30/2013)
MSNBC's Martin Bashir "sleazebag...forced to resign from @msnbc...pathetic apology" (12/04/2013)
MSNBC's Toure Neblett "racist moron...truly stupid guy" (08/30/2013)
National Journal's Ron Fournier "third rate talents with no smarts...boring guy - really bad for ratings" (04/12/2015)
National Review "failing" (01/22/2016)
National Review "William F. Buckley would be ashamed of what had happened to his prize...dying" (01/22/2016)
National Review "very few people read...only knows how to criticize, but not how to lead" (01/22/2016)
National Review "failing publication...circulation is way down w its influence being at an all time low" (01/22/2016)
National Review "dying...have been losing for years" (01/22/2016)
National Review "doomed" (01/24/2016)
National Review Editor Jonah Goldberg "really pathetic job being done by talent means death - sad!" (04/20/2015)
National Review Editor Jonah Goldberg "truly dumb as a rock...dummy" (04/20/2015)
National Review's Brent Bozell "lightweights...came to my office begging for money like a dog" (01/23/2016)
NBC News "very dishonest" (06/30/2016)
NBC's Katy Tur "3rd rate reporter" (12/05/2015)
NBC's Katy Tur "should be fired for dishonest reporting" (12/05/2015)
New Hampshire Union Leader " into the ground by publisher "Stinky" Joe McQuaid" (12/31/2015)
New Hampshire Union Leader "circulation in NH has dropped...bad management...begged me for ads" (01/05/2016)
New Hampshire Union Leader " stupid, how desperate" (01/07/2016)
New Hampshire Union Leader "unethical record" (01/09/2016)
New Hampshire Union Leader "lost all credibility...circulation dropping to record lows...aren't worthy of representing the great people NH" (01/10/2016)
New Hampshire Union Leader "kicked out of the ABC News debate like a dog" (01/10/2016)
New Hampshire Union Leader "failing...paper won't survive, highly unethical" (01/11/2016)
NY Daily News "dying" (11/24/2012)
NY Daily News "dying...loser newspaper" (06/23/2014)
NY Daily News "failing...raised its prices because it’s dying...dishonest" (06/23/2014)
NY Daily News "loses fortune & has zero gravitas...let it die" (06/17/2015)
NY Daily News "dying tabloid owned by dopey clown Mort is dead" (06/28/2015)
NY Daily News "worthless...liabilities are massive" (02/10/2016)
NY Daily News "worthless...bleeding red ink - a total loser" (02/11/2016)
NY Daily News "failing...destroyed by little Morty's dead" (02/12/2016)
NY Mag "dishonest writers...failure" (10/18/2013)
NY Mag's Dan Amira "doing so poorly...with an idiot Sr. Editor" (10/18/2013)
NY Mag's John Heilemann "lightweight reporter...timebomb waiting to explode...nervous and sad mess!" (03/06/2013)
NY Mag's John Heilemann "boring & failing...3rd rate political reporter" (03/15/2013)
NY Mag's Jonathan Chait "no-talent illiterate hack...@NYMag is a piece of garbage" (05/17/2013)
NY Post "really lied when they covered me in Iowa...sad" (01/28/2015)
NY Post "such false reporting about my big hit in Iowa" (01/28/2015)
NY Times "all bad decisions over the last decade...incompetent" (11/25/2015)
NY Times "numbers at the @nytimes are so dismal...once great institution-SAD" (11/25/2015)
NY Times "so poorly run and managed" (11/25/2015)
NY Times "failing...3 boring articles, today" (11/26/2015)
NY Times "really disgusting that the failing New York Times allows dishonest writers to totally fabricate stories" (01/19/2016)
NY Times "truly one of the worst newspapers...knowingly write lies...really bad people" (03/13/2016)
NY Times "purposely covers me so inaccurately" (04/10/2016)
NY Times "happy to hear how badly the @nytimes is doing...seriously failing paper" (04/25/2016)
NY Times "how bad is the New York Times—the most inaccurate coverage constantly" (04/26/2016)
NY Times "high ranking people laughing at the stupidity of the failing @nytimes piece" (05/15/2016)
NY Times "failing @nytimes is greatly embarrassed by the totally dishonest story they did" (05/16/2016)
NY Times "who can believe what they write after the false, malicious & libelous story they did on me" (05/16/2016)
NY Times "disgusting fraud" (05/19/2016)
NY Times "every article is unfair and biased...very sad" (05/20/2016)
NY Times "failing @NYTimes fraudulently shows an empty room prior to my speech, when in fact, it was packed" (06/19/2016)
NY Times "these people are sick" (07/02/2016)
NY Times "failing...has become a newspaper of fiction...very dishonest" (08/13/2016)
NY Times "failing...their reporting is fiction" (08/14/2016)
NY Times "fortunately, it is a dying newspaper" (08/19/2016)
NY Times' Charles Blow "dishonest reporting" (11/02/2015)
NY Times' David Brooks "closing in on being the dumbest of them all...he doesn’t have a clue" (03/06/2016)
NY Times' David Brooks "one of the dumbest of all sense of the real world" (03/19/2016)
NY Times' David Brooks "total waste of time, he is a clown with no awareness of the world...dummy" (03/19/2016)
NY Times' Frank Bruni "dope" (01/19/2016)
NY Times' Gail Collins "the least talented of all is frumpy Gail Collins" (03/17/2014)
NY Times' Paul Goldberger "loved the day Paul Goldberger got fired...faded into irrelevance" (06/22/2014)
O'Reilly Factor "bad and very deceptive must be heading in wrong direction" (01/28/2015)
O'Reilly Factor "very negative to me in refusing to to post the great polls" (09/21/2015)
O'Reilly Factor "big fat hit job on @oreillyfactor waste of time to watch, boring and biased" (02/23/2016)
Palm Beach Post "one of the country’s dumbest newspapers...should be put to sleep" (01/25/2013)
Penn Jillette "goofball atheist...wrote letter to me begging for forgiveness" (07/16/2015)
Politico "not read or respected by many, may be the most dishonest" (09/24/2015)
Politico "failing...losing lots of money...really dishonest!" (09/24/2015)
Politico "clowns...totally dishonest reporting." (10/07/2015)
Politico "has no dishonest" (10/07/2015)
Politico "one of the most dishonest political outlets...losing a fortune...pure scum" (10/08/2015)
Politico "very untalented reporters" (10/29/2015)
Politico "money losing...dumbest and most slanted of the political sites...losers" (10/29/2015)
Politico "3rd rate $ credibility" (12/03/2015)
Politico "in total disarray with almost everybody quitting...bad, dishonest journalists" (04/05/2016)
Politico's Ben Schreckenger "major lightweight with no dishonest" (12/03/2015)
Rich Lowry "truly one of the dumbest of the talking heads - he doesn't have a clue" (09/21/2015)
Rich Lowry "incompetent...should not be allowed on TV" (09/23/2015)
Rolling Stone "a dead magazine with big downward circulation" (07/17/2013)
Rolling Stone "total joke" (04/06/2015)
Salon's Alex Pareene "lightweight reporter...known as a total joke in political circles" (08/15/2012)
Seth Meyers "so unnatural and uncomfortable...bad interviewer, marbles in his mouth" (05/02/2014)
Seth Meyers "just doesn't have what it takes...very awkward and insecure" (05/02/2014)
Seth Meyers "can’t do a simple interview...stumbling & mumbling" (05/05/2014)
Seth Meyers "a total joke...very awkward with almost no talent...marbles in his mouth" (08/25/2014)
Shepard Smith "so totally biased...should be ashamed of himself" (11/13/2015)
Tavis Smiley "hater & racist...waste good airtime" (01/11/2016)
The View "the show is dying for lack of ratings" (04/30/2015)
The View "ratings for The View are really low...get new cast or just put it to sleep...dead T.V." (06/24/2015)
The View "failing so badly...soon be taken off thr air" (03/24/2016)
The View "explain how the women on The View...ever got their disaster" (03/24/2016)
The View's Joy Behar "fired from her last show for lack of ratings" (01/07/2016)
The View's Nicole Wallace "doesn't have a clue...the show is close to death!" (06/24/2015)
The View's Whoopi Goldberg " now in total freefall" (01/07/2016)
Time Magazine "so biased" (12/15/2011)
Time Magazine "cover showing late age breast feeding is disgusting--sad" (05/14/2012)
Time Magazine "lost all credibility when they didn't include me in their Top 100" (10/26/2012)
Time Magazine "a joke...soon be dead" (04/26/2013)
Time Magazine "looks really flimsy like a free handout at a parking lot! The sad end is coming" (05/01/2013)
Tom Brokaw "marble mouth...BORING TOM" (04/27/2013)
Tony Schwartz "irrelevant dope" (09/10/2016)
Tony Schwartz "dummy writer...hostile basket case who feels jilted" (09/10/2016)
Univision "cares far more about Mexico than it does about the U.S...controlled by the Mexican government?" (06/26/2015)
USA Today "boring newspaper with no mojo--must be losing a fortune" (06/05/2012)
Vanity Fair "failing badly...sales are plummeting...third rate stalkers" (04/09/2012)
Vanity Fair "looks like a dying magazine! Really really boring, really really thin!" (12/19/2012)
Vanity Fair "doing so poorly...Graydon Carter should’ve been fired a long time ago" (10/21/2013)
Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter "dummy...a real loser!" (12/19/2012)
Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter "sissy...owner of bad food restaurants...his V.F. Oscar party is no longer "hot"" (03/02/2014)
Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter "loser with bad food restaurants" (05/02/2014)
Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner "really dumb blogger for failing...magazine whose ads are down almost 18%" (07/19/2012)
Vicky Ward "poorly written & very boring book...waste of time" (10/13/2014)
Wall Street Journal "ever dwindling...worth about 1/10 of what it was purchased for" (07/20/2015)
Wall Street Journal "some of the dumbest people on television work for the Wall Street Journal" (10/18/2015)
Wall Street Journal "dummies...totally incorrect editorial on me" (11/12/2015)
Wall Street Journal "failing...should fire both its pollster and its Editorial Board...seldom has a paper been so wrong...totally biased" (02/21/2016)
Wall Street Journal "bad at math...nobody cares what they say in their editorials anymore" (03/17/2016)
Wall Street Journal "dummies" (03/17/2016)
Washington Post "tax scam...most inaccurate stories of all...really dishonest reporting" (01/22/2016)
Washington Post "hit job book on me...inaccurate stories....don't buy, boring" (08/23/2016)
Washington Post's Chris Cillizza "one of the dumber and least respected of the political pundits...moron" (05/11/2015)
Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin "highly untalented...a real dummy...low IQ" (12/01/2015)
Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin "one of the dumber bloggers" (12/04/2015)
Washington Post's Ruth Marcus "terrible today on Face The focus, poor level of concentration" (01/03/2016)
Weekly Standard "I know your business is failing" (04/20/2015)
Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes "failed writer and success and little talent" (04/20/2015)





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