Stop Twitter Birthday Lockouts

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Numerous Twitter accounts have been locked out following prompts to enter their birthday to their profile, claiming these users are "under the age of 13". Many of those affected are well over the age of 13, and have had their accounts for years. This has affected numerous Twitter accounts resulting in the hashtags #StopTheBirthdayBans and #TwitterLockout. Replies to recent @TwitterSupport tweets, the Facebook account for Twitter's posts and the sub-reddit /r/Twitter also show the number of people who have been affected by this lockout. A simple Google search can also point you to some articles written about specific accounts affected.

Upon being locked out, one is prompted to submit a form to Twitter Support with their username, email, full name, and government identification. Many people submit this information and are declined numerous times after waiting days for a response. A common email sent in response is the following:


Thanks again for getting in touch with us. We have reviewed your materials and have not been able to confirm that you meet our age requirements. Your account will remain locked, and will be permanently removed from Twitter. 



The only way to handle the issue with Twitter's Support team is through a form that asks for minimum information, with no field for details. There is no way to contact a human being to speak with to get the issue resolved. Upon calling Twitter's phone number and asking for customer service, one is told to go online and submit one of these forms.

I am making this petition to raise awareness of this issue and hopefully put an end to it. Twitter seems unaware that this issue has been occurring.