Stop the #NotificationBan on Twitter

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Twitter has been adopted by millions as one primary tool for social connection, but in an effort to limit the reach of certain destructive accounts, Twitter has inadvertently created a crisis for many innocent users that we are calling a #notificationban. Blameless people languish for days and weeks in a sort of social media black hole, even after confirming they are people, and not bots, to Twitter. Meanwhile Twitter doesn't acknowledge it is happening, much less offer solutions to those who find themselves largely cut off from their friends and support systems. This is especially dangerous for those who have come to depend upon Twitter to maintain the connections we rely on, as well as to simply converse and create with our friends, as we enjoy and promote media we love. Also, some of what triggers the #notificationban may be the very activity counted by media industry analysts who measure the popularity of television shows we support, by the number of hashtags devoted to them, thereby tying the hands of fans to be counted as supporters of their preferred programming. This situation is untenable, and we are asking for your signature to promote the need for Twitter to take action to restore functionality to these adversely affected accounts who use this social media platform strictly in a positive and constructive manner.