Shut down Samaritans Radar

Many before myself have expressed the key issues with this concept, and I do not intend to repeat them as that wouldn't be an effective usage of my reasoning why I wish to sign this petition.

However, I do wish to share a personal experience.

I began to telephone Samaritans earlier this year after emailing them for years: I was simply too scared to pick up the phone. Then I did. And then things got better.

The intentions are completely honourable with this, and they didn't intend to cause any distress. They only want to help.

On that note, I want to take a moment to reflect on something else: the resistance when one is faced with being watched and monitored constantly without their consent will always kick up sand and upset.

While a few mistakes have been made here, I fear that people will completely lose the faith they had in Samaritans and I fear that their original intention will be forgotten.

They never intended to create any issues with privacy. They never intended to create something that ultimately was going to make users feel vulnerable. They only wanted to help. Criticism, when constructive, will certainly be helpful for Samaritans to improve this idea into one we all like.

One feeling I always got when I was extremely depressed was that I wished 'normal people' knew how to talk with me and approach this subject. Samaritans Radar was going to change so many people's attitudes to mental health problems by giving people advice on how to change their mindset.

Stigma is oppressive. With the fall of Samaritans Radar, the fog of stigma only thickens.

Lydia Levey, Gloucestershire, ENG, United Kingdom
7 years ago
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