Shut down cyberbully forums & Enforce anti-cyberbully tactics on YouTube

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I am Kanadajin3, a YouTuber who has been in the scene since 2011.  In 2013 I noticed that my name was on an online hate forum prettyuglylittleliars.   There was several pages of them trash talking and spreading rumors about me. They were conspiring to gain access to my personal information and I contacted the local law enforcement. To my surprise, there was nothing that could be done.  Even though I was taught that the government cracks down on cyber-bullying, 3 different American police forces told me that "unless someone is harmed or violent threats are made against them these websites usually do not get shut down". 

Between 2014-2016 those rumors that were on those websites shifted from sitting on a hate forum to being talked about publicly in different YouTube videos.  Other YouTube users were slandering my and creating videos for the entertainment of harassing and making fun of me. It was reported to YouTube as little as 8 times and nothing was done. YouTube has a policy against cyber bullying and against defamation yet these users were able to make claims against me without any punishment.  My only option was to sue.

These hateful websites are only growing. Due to the activity of these cyber-stalkers, my family information and private pictures have been leaked online, along with my friends pictures, my friends information, my bank information, information of people from my past and whom have nothing to do with my online YouTube career, information regarding my location as well as several false reports have been made to the Japanese immigration and local police, falsely accusing me for crimes. The individuals of these websites encourage people to make reports in order to get me deported.  Reports have also been made to every business that has done collaborations with me in promoting themselves through my videos, this harassment has gotten so bad some companies have had to have me take down their videos due to the amount of calls.

It has been brought to my attention, two women have ended their lives due to these same websites that have been harassing me for years. 


Both women were victims of the kiwifarms forum. When their deaths were made apparent the users celebrated and closed the forums, only to blame the victims and refusing to take responsibility for the cause. I can only imagine the same thing would happen if I was the one to kill myself. I have been suicidal in the past indirectly due to their rumors. Rumors that started on their websites and spread by other people onto YouTube and then into the real world. I had people in real life coming up to my friends and saying that I was what the rumors claimed, harassing them, shaming them for being my friend.   

It is not as easy as turning off the computer in these situations. Cyber-bullying attacks can leak into a persons real life and make it a complete nightmare. This needs to stop.


I want YOUTUBE to enforce strict rules. Delete spam accounts that thumb down videos, delete videos where people are trash talking people, delete accounts that post comments on peoples videos with insults. 

I want LOCAL governments to shut these forums down.

If the government can not do that. GOOGLE can black list these cyberbully websites from the search results. 

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