Save Natasha’s Account!!!

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Natasha on Twitter lost her account because it was reported for copyright. However, Twitter clearly doesn’t know what they are doing because she would NEVER do anything like that.

Twitter, you have no idea how much her account has on it! She lost everything. She had 3,000 followers and that took her so long to get. Some of those followers were also very important people who she loved dearly. I hate to bring in a personal story, but I do because Twitter doesn’t know what they are doing. Her brother died, and she followed his personal account. but now, she can’t look back at his tweets because his account is personal. Lastly, she had very important dms from many people bc obviously everyone loves her to death. I think whoever reported her made a mistake.

She literally did nothing wrong. Ask ANYONE. Natasha is the sweetest girl in the freaking world and I know she would NEVER copyright something. Whoever reported her must have made a mistake.

So please, sign this petition in hopes that Twitter will give her account back. You may think it’s one silly account, but this account was everything for Natasha. (@NatashaCMB)

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