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REVOKE Donald Trump's Twitter Accounts Permanently

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Donald Trump has proven that he is unable to safely and properly use Twitter (and Facebook) as a means to communicate during his presidency. His tolerance of hatred and violence in our country against our own people is devastating and sending the wrong message. A message that has extremist groups feeling supported and empowered. 

His taunting and threatening tweets to N. Korea put us all in harms way. Since when is threatening another country with nuclear war not a violation of Twitters policy? What are we waiting for? His unwillingness to condemn those who act out violence in his name gives support to those dangerous groups and individuals. Trump continues to tweet inappropriate and threatening messages and images that he simply DELETES after they have made an impact and statement to his most aggressive supporters and followers. 

This is not about limiting free speech. Every other individual who has threatened another person or entity on social media platforms is held accountable. Social media is not a right, it is a privilege. Donald Trump can say what he wants, but should be forced to do so in a manner that respects his position and the people of this country. He has an obligation to keep us safe, which he is failing to do by having access to Twitter and Facebook, etc.  (Link to Twitter's policy:

Your own Change.Org instructions say "Don't bully, use hate speech, threaten violence or make things up." when creating a petition, yet this is exactly what Donald Trump is and has been doing on Twitter. Repeatedly. Why is this being tolerated? 

Past Presidents have always operated professionally using other means of media and communication other than direct Social Media platforms. There is no doubt that Donald Trump's use of Twitter is hurting our country more than it ever helps. He has violated Policy before and is proving with every tweet that he is not a responsible user.

Our POTUS's words are power and he is using it irresponsibly, with unhinged and unedited messages, in a way that threatens many Americans on a daily basis.

This is not the first petition. Please DO SOMETHING within your power to revoke his accounts indefinitely. The majority of Americans in this country and people around the world agree, he is too dangerous using these platforms. Donald Trump is addicted to the attention and spotlight these platforms provide. He is bypassing proper chain of commands and behaving too irrational and dangerous. Revoke his privilege. 

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