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Revive Vine and Bring Joy To The World

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Imagine this:

It’s 2am. Dead week.

Groggily, I blink open my eyes, reach over to the bowl of popcorn beside me and shove a handful in my mouth. I know I’ll regret it later that night when the crumbs prickle my legs.

I sit in my dorm in a haze, searching for new vine compilations in a last-ditch effort to comfort myself in the wake of a diminishing GPA.

I sit, mourning the loss of Vine.

On January 17, 2017, Vine, a viral social network composed of 7 second videos, disappeared. For no reason. It was a shock to the world, and its repercussions are still being felt today, nearly a year later.

The 7 second length seemed to be oppressive at first, but users quickly adapted. Originating as a social network in which you posted vines of everyday life, everything changed when vine introduced the “revine”. This allowed users to repost their friend’s vines, similar to a retweet on Twitter, or a pin on Pinterest. With this feature, Vine grew to a platform of celebrity, elevating everyday people to internet stars overnight. By placing a limit on the length of videos, vine prioritized outlandish hilarity in short loops, rather than the long skits of SNL or videos on Youtube. With one vine, you could create a short joke that would live forever. Not a day goes by that I don’t reference at least five distinct vines.

Iconic vines live on with compilations on youtube. However, there’s a problem. The compilations rarely loop vines. The vines are taken out of their singular context of repetition, jeopardizing the experience of watching the vine. Vines no longer exist in the way they were meant to be experienced. Instead of being able to repeatedly watch a vine on the vine app, vines are played back to back with one another. This rushes the vine experience and ruins the purpose of a short video--the purpose of being able to consume many snippets at one time.

For many people, Vine was a creative outlet. For many more people, Vine was a coping mechanism. Vine was a safe place to go after a hard day. Vine was a guaranteed laugh after a day of no laughing.

Vine was the most creative platform of our generation. Users were able to express themselves in ways that can’t be conveyed through a tweet or an instagram filter, the video snippets offered an alternative to reality. Vine allowed us to connect in ways that are impossible without it.

If home is where the heart is, my home is wherever Vine has gone. In the spirit of Christmas, please help me revive this platform and bring joy back into the world. A life without Vine is a life difficult to live. Reviving vine would provide its fans with new content, and provide more opportunities for everyday comedy to shine. In my letter to Santa this year, I know what I’ll ask for.

I’ll ask for Vine.

merry chrysler

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