Reinstate @IntersexFacts & Investigate Constant Vexatious Reporting Against Her.

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The twitter account @IntersexFacts has been a vital source of information on Intersex / DSD conditions, a tireless advocate for the interests of those living with them and a respectful & lucid debunker of the myths which are projected onto them by others. 

For motives that are hard to comprehend - beyond sheer malice, ‘intersex-phobia’, sexism - this account has been subject to relentless harassment and vexatious reporting. 

We believe that @twitter must step in, reinstate the account and take real action against those who are vexatiously gaming the reporting process. The evidence is easily available to you. 

We have the right to expect - but confidence yet to be justified - that Stonewall UK, which often purports to represent the intersex community as part of its lucrative LGBTQI+ portfolio, will also express concern that a member of that ‘I’ community is being subjected to such clear victimisation.

Thank You