Please ban hate speech and hate monger Ram Gopal Varma from Social media

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Mr. Ram Gopal Varma is a respectable media person from India and quite a few people look up to him as a role mode. He has a significant on-line presence with almost a million followers on facebook and over 3 million followers on twitter. Instead of being a model citizen for the people who look up to him he is being a hate monger and promoting hate with his actions and speech.

He is immoral, disturbing peace, causing pain with his actions are disrupting/negatively affecting millions of peoples lives. He is leveraging the social media platforms to further promote his ill message.

The signers of this petition sincerely urge you to BAN this socially and morally irresponsible psychopath from your platforms.

Here are the links to his on-line profiles:

In 45 Days from today (June 4th), we need this person banned for life from Facebook, twitter and any other social networking platforms he actively uses. In case he is not removed and banned, all the signers of this petition will quit using your platform and actively start working on organizing a boycott. Please be responsible, do not aid him and remove this maniac from impacting more lives.