Help un-restrict NOIR‘s Twitter account!!

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With a small tweet of a former fan of our fanbase it all started. NOIR are being blamed to have plagiarized a big groups MV and now their fanbase has taken it upon themselves to get their Twitter account suspended.


Yes, we are not claiming that there are no similarities to those MV‘s. But both groups have completely different concepts and styles.

This is inspired by different MV‘s and NOT plagiarized! It’s not a crime to get inspired by others!!!


With that we also plead Twitter to un-restrict the account. This is simply a childish act of this fanbase.

Please spread the word and help us to put NOIR‘s name on Twitter‘s whitelist again.


We desperately need all support we can get because this is getting completely out of hand.


These boys did nothing wrong.

If you think the same, please, us Lumiere beg you, please sign this petition.


With lots of love and hope,


NOIR’s fanbase,