Give twitter accounts more time to delete reported tweets before suspending

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Recently many fan based update accounts (UAs) have been suspended due to a sudden influx of DMCA takedown notices.

The UA culture has been going on for almost a decade, and a majority of the accounts have never been confronted with such legal issues. However, in recent weeks an alarming number of UAs have received DMCA takedown notices from corporations, and been suspended over this issue. This has definitely been a wakeup call to the UA culture. With no issues having been brought up in the past years, it took time for UAs to understand the seriousness of these allegations of copyright infringement. Especially with the members of UAs being from different countries and timezones, it took time for everyone to be informed of the situation and understand it, before processing what to do next. But before the UA members can understand the direness of this situation and make necessary changes, the twitter accounts have already been suspended. 

As a member of an affected UA, we are greatly disheartened and saddened to see our hard work of 7 years go down the drain. We now understand that we cannot carry on with the ways of the past, and would gladly make amends to get back access to our accounts. 

All we are asking for is time and access back to our accounts, so that we can delete tweets that might have violated twitter's rules. We would love to have access back to our accounts for 7 business days, which would give us time to go back through all our tweets, to delete any content that may violate copyright restrictions. Please give us these 7 days, so that we can make amends. Any tweets and accounts that violate copyright restrictions after this grace perioud, can be taken action against.