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Deactivate Donald Trumps Personal Twitter Account Due To High Homeland Security Risks!

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Dear Fellow Americans,

    This petition is a result of the sequence of events that has led to Donald Trump being elected as our president elect. As the future President, Donald Trump is responsible to protect the integrity and rights of thy neighbor. Since the activation of his twitter account he has repeatedly shown that he is overtly unfiltered. Which is fine for the average citizen but someone who have set out to obtain one of the highest security clearances on this planet. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump darling that privilege has hastily left your fingertips. I believe it is distasteful, immature, and risky to have our future president ranting on any social media platform. He will soon be the face of our country and his actions will impact all of us and to allow him to tweet without regulation of the secret service or Homeland Security will be foolish of our government. Especially following the disappointment of the 'Hillary Email Scandal'. We now have a president elect who is broadcasting to the world premature policies and plans that have yet to be presented before any congress nor voted on. If our own president will attack us for criticism, which I might add is the foundation of a democracy. Imagine what he will tweet when criticized by world leaders, who are equipped with military and nuclear weapons. In closing, if you enjoy life as is and skies  clear of war and bombs please sign this petition as a precaution.


The Broken Hearted Patriots

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