Counter Petition for: Cancel BTS performance at AMA

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Armys! I have seen a very upsetting Petition that wants to cancel the BTS performance at AMA! They are not only saying BTS is (quote) "proven to be a very problematic untalented group" but also accusing BTS as (quote) "racist and homophobic" .

If does false accusions are not enough they also say that the fandom, us in fact is (quote)"encourage bullying and sending death threats to people who criticize their music" what is not only offending but also a lie.

We can not accept People like that to spread such horrible lies about not only BTS but also ourselfs.

Army! Stand up dont let them spread this lies , damage our and BTS's reputation. And most importantly try to cancel there performance at AMA!

Show them our power . We are bulletproof.

Also here is the link to the petition we are countering here :

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