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Bring Back Vine

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On January 17th, 2017, Twitter Inc. ended its iconic video hosting service, Vine. Despite having killed the beloved app, Vine lives on in our generation. We watch compilations of our favorite Vines on Youtube. We post threads of Vines to Twitter. We use new words ("on fleek", "yeet") that Vine exposed us to our vernacular.  Vine has had a clear impact on us as a culture. Many times throughout my day, I think, "I wish I could make a Vine of that", and am filled with sadness when I remember that I cannot. While I can still post a video to Twitter, I am more likely to post one on apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, or even Facebook. The "Vine Era" ended before many of us got the chance to truly take part, and now that it is over, many people are seeing what they missed out on. I think it's clear that these people deserve a second chance at Vine.

It is safe to say that 2017 has only gone downhill since Vine was killed. Amidst the political circus and environmental disasters plaguing the world right now, many young adults look to Vine to distract us from our everyday strife. Vine's charm and creativity are clearly needed now more than ever. In this time of tragedy and division, only Vine can heal our wounds and bring us back together.

We ask that Twitter bring back the Vine app, in it's original 6-second format, so that we may once again experience the joy it brought to us, and spread that joy to even more people.


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