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Ban Trump's Twitter Account

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Twitter's rules state that “you may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others” and defines abusive incitement as:

  • If a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;
  • If the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;
  • If the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and
  • If the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.

In July, Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos after he incited his followers to tweet racist remarks abusing actress Leslie Jones. If online harassment (which is incredibly damaging and traumatic) is enough to ban an account, IN REAL LIFE harassment is far worse. Donald Trump should not be held above the rules. In fact, Twitter publicly stated the rules "apply to all accounts."

Freedom of speech is a fundamental bedrock of our democracy. Donald Trump is free to say whatever he wants, but Twitter must take responsibility for being a platform that endangers the lives of ordinary citizens who dare to criticize him. Besides the very real threat of bodily harm or even death to Trump's critics, there is also a civic duty to ensure that same freedom of speech to everyone who does not agree with Trump's policies and behavior as president. Would people criticize him as much if they knew they would draw the ire of his supporters, open their lives to harassment and endanger their families? No. He knows this and the power it gives him, and that is why he has refused to condemn this behavior.

Now that he is going to be the President of the United States, many hoped that he would exercise more restraint or judgement than he did during his campaign. Unfortunately, he's continuing his old tricks, recently tweet-smearing Chuck Jones, a union leader in Indianapolis that called Trump out on fudging the number of jobs that he saved at the Carrier plant. He immediately started getting threatening phone calls.

“Nothing that says they’re gonna kill me, but, you know, you better keep your eye on your kids,” Jones said later on MSNBC. “We know what car you drive. Things along those lines.”

The Washington Post also published a story about Lauren Batchelder, who at the time was 18 years old when she criticized Donald Trump at a political forum in New Hampshire, after which he tweeted about her, calling her "an arrogant young woman." A year later she is still receiving threats, including this one she got on Facebook five days before the election: “Wishing I could f---ing punch you in the face. id then proceed to stomp your head on the curb and urinate in your bloodied mouth and i know where you live, so watch your f---ing back punk.”

Trump is fully aware of the destructive power that his Tweets have, but continues to do it. He threatened to unleash it on Megan Kelly, and when CNN asked him if he would condemn the threats to a GQ reporter who wrote about Melania, he declined. Trump eventually did tweet against Megan Kelly, and she had to hire bodyguards to accompany her family to Disneyland.

Here is a sampling of countless other people who have been threatened by Trump supporters, even though he did not specifically target them.

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I'm a conservative who can't vote for Donald Trump. My reward? Harassment and death threats.

We need to raise our voices together and demand that Twitter permanently suspend Donald Trump's account. If you use Twitter, boycott it. If you have a lot of followers, tell them you will not tweet again until he is banned. Use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Keek, Gab or any other competitor instead. If the worst case scenario happens and someone is hurt or killed (given the volume of his tweets and the deluge of criticism about him, it's only a matter of time), Twitter should be held accountable for not taking action earlier.  


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