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Ban Donald Trump from Twitter - or We Leave

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Donald Trump's presence on Twitter undermines a healthy democracy and instead provides an unchecked megaphone to a rising tyrant. Trump's tweets distract the mainstream media and the general public from important political events that deserve coverage, and allow Trump to disregard traditional media channels in order to speak directly to the masses without fact checking or moderation. At its extreme, this is dangerous. Trump's tweets have already resulted in harassment and death threats for targeted individuals, and Twitter has banned other users for similar infractions.

The media has Fourth Estate responsibilities, and like it or not, Twitter is now part of the media. Twitter must own up to the fact that they are tacitly allowing their platform to be used against the political well-being of the people of the United States. Twitter should reject their role in propaganda and mass manipulation. Furthermore, Twitter's association with Trump is toxic to them, polluting the brand.

We the undersigned insist that Twitter do the right thing and ban Donald Trump from their platform immediately. Make the president of the United States have to hold press conferences and special addresses in order to speak to the people. Do not allow him to command a mass-communication format in which his opinions go unchallenged.

Because we feel so strongly that this is necessary for the health of our country and the world, we pledge to leave Twitter if this ban does not take place by March 15, 2017.

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