Ask Facebook and Twitter to remove hateful, Islamophobic content on their platforms

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Recent months have seen both Facebook and Twitter introduce a flurry of new rules purportedly designed to combat hate and bigotry on these platforms. Despite this, both companies continue to provide platforms for purveyors of Islamophobic content to spread hateful and false characterizations of the Islamic faith and the more than 1.8 billion adherents worldwide.

Facebook and Twitter can and must do better. Both companies have expressed a new resolve to combat hate speech, fake news, and harmful content on their platforms, now is the time for them to follow through on these commitments. On Facebook, 1 in every 1,000 pieces of content shared on the platform violates the company’s rules on hate speech. More than three-quarters of content which violates their anti-hate rules is allowed to remain even after it is reported and investigated. This gives a free pass for vile content against any group to be proliferated through Facebook. Twitter continues to face similar problems. Now is the time for both Facebook and Twitter to impose a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech targeting any religion. These companies must introduce more robust procedures to see it quickly removed.

Muslims continue to suffer personal abuse, threats, and physical violence fueled by content spread through social media. Islamophobia is a disease and social media is the incubator. It isn’t just large-scale terrorist attacks we see plastered across 24 hour news media. Muslims are subjected to verbal abuse, vandalism, discrimination, and individual incidents of physical violence on a daily basis, all fueled
through social media.

Please sign this petition to encourage Facebook and Twitter to finally clamp down on this content in a meaningful way, and make sure that those who spread it no longer have a home on those platforms.

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