An NFT and crypto free Twitter timeline

An NFT and crypto free Twitter timeline

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Started by Bart Rijvers

Last year has seen an inrush of the NFT (NonFungible Tokens) hype on the Twitter platform. Most of these NFT art markets run on the Ethereum blockchain which is driven by many computers worldwide, polluting the earth with CO2 more than desired as more than 99% of this computer-power is wasted. These are dedicated computers performing complicated math in an air-cooled company building mostly.

In addition to that, these NFT people seem to have developed a lingo or cult among themselves and many outsiders believe the whole thing is a scam.

For reasons above, I have resorted in blocking many specific users based on their profile data mainly, I just want no part in it whatsoever. As new NFT people create accounts or existing profiles get into NFTs, this is not the solution.

Seeing NFT-people being retweeted on my timeline makes me sad and also makes me wanna quit using Twitter completely.

Twitter is adding special functionality for NFT people (e.g. hexagonal profile picture) so I think Twitter should also provide a means to hide NFT and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts on my timeline because I don't want to see them.

Please sign my petition to get attention to Twitter to get this changed

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!