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A lot of accounts, especially fan accounts, have been suspended from Twitter without knowing the reason. This fact is scaring the entire world of fan accounts because they have been working hard for YEARS on their accounts that they have become a sort of self-brand: the username, name and sometimes even the layout used are all distinctive of a particular person and it's really worrying to know that you could lose everything you have worked for in a matter of seconds and for unknown reasons. 

Therefore this petition aims to bring to a change in the way Twitter suspends accounts, suggesting to give a preventive 24h suspention to accounts that have something wrong and email them with the reason of this suspension, including a suggestion on how to fix their accounts to make them fit with Twitter policy (e.g. change their layout or delete certain tweets). After that, the owners should be allowed to fix their accounts in a short period of time (e.g. one week). If the owner hasn't fixed the account in that given period, their account will be permanently suspended.

An exception could be made for accounts that have been suspended for tweeting offensive or inappropriate content.

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