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Twitter: Improve moderation, provide Customer Service, investigate "ThreatSlayer" incident

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Ever since late October in 2017, a user appeared under the name, "ThreatSlayer" and acted as an online vigilante, reporting any tweet that would be deemed as a threat. At first glance, it sounds like a good cause. In reality, however, their actions have shown to not live up to their name.

As of now, ThreatSlayer is notorious for the suspension of random innocent Twitter users, only based on certain keywords within tweets. The most likely reason why that this has worked is because Twitter's moderation system is algorithm-based, so the context of tweets that are reported are not factored, not even when suspended users have sent appeals. There's been speculation that the reason the suspensions happen easily is due to ThreatSlayer using bots and/or alternate accounts to mass report "threatening" tweets.

Many companies have, and still are implementing automated systems into their products. When handling such large social networks like Twitter, moderation is usually far from easy, so the chances are, they use an automated system to make the job easier. The problem with doing that, however, is that it isn't perfect, and it should not be relied on to the extent of providing almost no option for direct communication with an actual Twitter employee to resolve issues with the system. It isn't perfectly capable of carrying out the appropriate moderator actions. Twitter has already admitted to multiple errors caused by the system.

As for the appeal system, a multitude of users have failed to recover their accounts due to repeated declines of their suspension appeals. Many assume that the appeals system is automated as well, therefore cannot factor in the actual context of the reported tweets, like humans can. This is the most likely reason for the declines. This has affected many users whether they are small and unknown to those with a big following.

No matter how many times the ThreatSlayer accounts have been suspended, they always seem to make a comeback in one way or another. There have been cases where they have went as far as to impersonating and framing users.

The user, or possibly users, behind the ongoing ThreatSlayer incident has caused distress among the Twitter community for far too long. An issue such as this should be one of Twitter's highest priorities, not just from how persistent ThreatSlayer has become, but because they have exposed a loophole in the moderation system. This level of harassment is a definite cybercrime, thus needs to be addressed and apprehended properly, so that the Twitter community will no longer be put into fear from this issue. Twitter needs to do something about their system so that it isn't as exploitable as it is now. Companies need to be aware of loopholes in their systems and work hard against them, while also providing enough outlets to let the people express how their services can be improved. Thousands of Twitter users have complained that Twitter's customer service is lacking in decency and has provided little to no help.

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