Give autistic people an actual neurodiversity hashflag on Twitter!

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April is Autism Awareness Month.

Autistic people dread this month every year, because the media becomes a flood of calls for „autism awareness“. We get told over and over again how “horrible“ autism is, how we must „stop the autism epidemic“, how we are broken and sick and must be cured.

In short: It‘s a month full of non-autistic people speaking for and over autistic people.

This year, someone added the neurodiversity symbol (a rainbow infinity symbol) to the hashtag #AutismAwareness on Twitter. The neurodiversity movement fights for acceptance, accommodation, and inclusion of autistic (and otherwise neurodivergent) people...which is pretty much the opposite of what the autism awareness movement stands for.

The autistic community in recent years has taken to transforming Autism Awareness Month into Autism Acceptance Month. Because we don‘t need society to be aware of us as if we were some kind of danger to them. We need society to see and hear us, accept us as we are, accommodate our autistic needs, and include us fully.

So in the spirit of the ACTUAL neurodiversity movement, we ask that Twitter please remove the neurodiversity symbol from the #AutismAwareness hashtag, and add it to the #AutismAcceptance hashtag instead. A small and simple change representing a larger shift in society.

Support autistic people by listening to us, and amplifying our own voices - please sign and share this petition!

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