Kalamity and his camera man were unjustly imprisoned based on racism. #FreeKalamity

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Kareem Abduhl Alhazred and his cameraman were wrongfully accused of acts of terrorism. Both created a satire on the american school system and deconstructed core ideals of american culture in a beautiful short film they uploaded to a popular art-sharing website. It was seen (probably by a racist wh*te male) and used to accuse the other-cultured student of acts of terrorism he never intended to commit.

To show our support, we urge you to subscribe to Kareem's YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaVNSnBeRlpT9dbBnV1Jrww and tweet his school (twitter.com/@wplainsschools) under the hashtag #FreeKalamity.

This petition was created and supported by us, his fellow students, as we like him for his revolutionary and challenging humor that not only entertained but also provoked thought and had a deeper meaning. It is our common intention to clear Kareem of all charges and expose the teacher that brought police attention to him for expressing his personal views freely as granted by the 1. Amendment.

He presented his culture and experiences in a peaceful manner after the school without disrupting classes and was wrongfully accused of perpetuating wrong opinions by people that probably have wrong opinions themselves, for example a predisposition towards old american ideals that have links to slavery and the south, unlike the new and refreshing parts of islam Kareem endeared to us all.

We hope we managed to convince you to save an innocent person of color from wrongful imprisonment.


The students of White Plains schools