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Tell Twitter to cancel Donald Trump's account

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Donald Trump uses his Twitter account as a weapon with which to bully and intimidate his enemies. He has 17 million twitter followers, and continuously pushes outright lies out to those followers, who accept them as fact. 

When he attacks innocent citizens on Twitter those citizens become the target of racist and violent threats from the most aggressive and vile of Trump's followers. 

Today's Washington post contains a story in which Trump brags about the enormous free platform Twitter affords him. The Post reports on the devastating effects of that platform on an innocent teenaged girl, who Trump tweet-attacked, and who then became the target of hundreds of death threats and incidents of sexual harrassment.  

Read the article here:

Here's is What Happens when Donald Trump Attacks a Teenage Girl on Twitter


Twitter is not a right. Giving him his platform is a choice you do not have to make. When the history books are written, they will remember those of us who stood up. You can make a difference, save lives, protect the environment, with the tap of your mouse. 

Don't you wish someone had turned off Hitler's microphone? 

Suspend Donald Trump's Twitter account today. Make him reach the American people through the press corp, which can research and fact check his outrageous claims. Protect our children. Protect our Democracy. Delete Donald Trump's account.  

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