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Petitioning Twitter Dick Costolo

Twitter: Add a woman to your Board of Directors


Currently women make up nearly 60% of users on Twitter. Though Twitter does not lack in gender diversity of users, it has zero gender diversity on its board of directors.  And having women serve on the corporate board is good business: studies show companies with the most women board directors have had better financial performance than those with the few or none.  Also, companies with a woman CEO or a greater number of women in senior management perform better than  peer companies.  By signing this petition, you can add to the Vision 2020 message that qualified women should have a voice not just on trending topics, but in the decision making also.


Letter to
Twitter Dick Costolo
Women make up over 60% of your users, but they are nowhere to be found at the decision-making table of your Board of Directors. It is a discouraging fact that in 2013, in a world filled with uniqueness, diversity is lacking in senior leadership at many companies. Including yours.

In 2009, Vision 2020 used Twitter to spread our message of gender equality. While we are using a tool to promote diversity on all fronts, we are shocked to find out that this tool—with so much diversity in users—does not practice what it is preaching. Shouldn’t your board represent its consumers? Mr. Costolo, you recently stated that appointing women has to be about more than just “checking a box.” But research has proven that companies perform better financially with women on their boards. Isn’t the well-being of your company’s stockholders enough of a reason?

Until you add a woman to the board, we will encourage people who believe in women’s equality to urge you to correct this inequity.