Twitch: A Request for Response to the IAteYourBaby Appeal


Twitch: A Request for Response to the IAteYourBaby Appeal

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Michael H started this petition to Twitch

Hey guys my name was formally IAteYourBaby on Twitch, I was a variety streamer who streamed between 4 and 6 times a week, and I chose this username in reference to a question that I have been asked as an Australian by my international friend base through out my gaming lifetime, "Did a dingo eat your baby!"

As of the 16th of September 2021 I have had my account indefinitely suspended like so many before me for a breach of Terms of Service under "Inappropriate Username". 

Regardless of the fact that this is the name that I have used since the conception of the account and the beginning of my streaming career! This is also the name that I was offered and accepted Affiliate status under as-well as the username I bore whilst in several direct communications with Twitch's support staff, not once during any of these interactions or otherwise have I received a warning, notification or even the slightest indication that in-fact my name was inappropriate and in breach!

Now whilst I do not necessarily agree with the decision of Twitch that this name is inappropriate to such a degree, I do acknowledge that it is their platform and upon signing the TOS/Community agreements that there is a clause that Twitch can decide what is acceptable at any given time.

My primary complaint is that whilst they offer the chance to appeal the decision and have the suspension reviewed, It has been three weeks now without even an acknowledgment of the appeal beside the original automated response upon appeal creation, an appeal that I have clearly listed my willingness to change the account name or even start anew if required!

This is the first offence of which I have been accused!
Within the original suspension email, Twitch Support states:

"Based on a review of your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account. Due to the severe nature of this violation, or the fact that you’ve incurred multiple violations, your access to Twitch services is indefinitely restricted."

Since the conception of the IAteYourBaby account, I have never to my knowledge received any additional strikes, warnings, suspension or infractions against this account. The suspension came suddenly mid-stream and I lost all access to my account aside from the ability to log into Twitch support to file a appeal ticket, which was sent within a matter of minutes following the suspension!

Why has my username warranted such a severe and sudden response of an immediate and and complete shutdown of my account when such an issue can be so simply resolved with the usage of an inbuilt tool to change the username and fix the issue within a matter of minutes?

It would be understandable if I had previously or currently been exhibiting a manner of behavior that was a direct threat to my community brethren or the wider populace, however this is simply a matter of a Username that can be edited and/or replaced, thus it would require no revision of footage or account behavior that would traditionally require so much time for Twitch Support to address, allowing them to swiftly move onto other issues!

I am no Longer Able to Support My Fellow Streamers!
As per the Twitch ToS on Account Enforcement, whilst my account remains suspended, I am disallowed from the following:
- Watching any other streamer content
- Broadcasting any content
- Participating in any streamer's chat
- Creating any subsequent accounts to participate in the Twitch community
- Appear or participate within the content of another streamer, this includes both live streams or subsequent video content!

This by extension means that I am now almost entirely unable to play any games or communicate with with any of my streaming friends whilst they are live, lest I put their account at risk of suspension via "Assisting in the Circumvention of a Suspension"

Twitch has served as an outlet for my mental health and through which I have formed many connections with amazing streamers who I now count among my friends, however due to this suspension and its broader conditions, I have been unable to even view their streams and offer support, let alone chat or socialize. As you can no doubt conclude this alongside the uncertainty of my position and/or future as a content creator has (whilst I hesitate to admit this) had serious effects on my mental health resulting in a surge of listlessness and lack of direction bringing about a resurgence of my depression and degradation of my mental health!

Becoming a Twitch streamer and growing/engaging my community was the realization of a dream and brought utter joy to my life, however now I am unable to even begin anew as any efforts to do so will be perceived as evading a ban and any interactions I may subsequently have put not only my appeal at risk but also the safety of my friend's own streaming accounts!

My Channel Content
If Twitch Support were to review my appeal and subsequently view my content, I am certain they would see that I try my utmost to create a welcoming, safe and relaxing atmosphere where I have tried my hardest to be a positive member of the community!

Please Twitch do not take my space away from me and my community or penalize my friends and colleagues for subsequent association. Give me a chance to keep entertaining and engaging the Twitch community, my username does not matter but my community does!

Thank you for reading this rather lengthy petition, your attention and support mean the world to me!

-Michael, aka IAteYourBaby


This petition made change with 22 supporters!

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