Reverse La_Saze's Ban On Twitch

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Recently an individual that goes by the username "La_Saze" has been on banned from Twitch. The e-mail he received from the platform that notified him of his ban said, "Based on review of community reports about your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account for Reason: 'Spam, Scams, or Other Malicious Content' and indefinite suspension from accessing or using Twitch services."

The ban on La_Saze and the reports of his activity needs to have another look by Twitch staff. 

La_Saze is a part of many communities on Twitch and has been an active contributing member to each and every one of them. Streamers, mods, and many viewers know La_Saze as a very positive role model in these communities always willing to bring others up and help out those in need. La_Saze has been a moderator for many channels and has helped moderate charity events on the platform as well which were ran by many streamers. 

La_Saze is a perfect example of a Twitch community member that shares the same values of the platform and shows them everyday when he is active online.

Please support bringing him back on Twitch, so he can hangout with his friends.